Wireless Site Components
Wireless Site Components
Wireless Infrastructure
Raynool provide a full series of material for wireless infrastructure, including Low PIM RF Connector, Bulk Cable, Cable Jumper, Fiber Optic, Weatherproofing boot, and Accessories(Feeder Clamp, entry panel, grounding kit, weatherproofing kit).

Wireless Site Components
Cable Attachments Cable Entry Grounding Grouding Kit Weatherproofing
Hangers Boot Assemblies Copper Buss Bars Click on, Spring type Grounding Kit Weatherproofing Kit
Hoisting Grips Boot Cushion Inserts Tinned Buss Bars Standard Grounding Kit Cold Shrink Tube
Feeder Clamp Cushion Plugs Buss Bar hardwares Universal Grounding Kit Weatherproofing Boot
Hose Clamp Entry Port Panel Cable Gland
Standoff Adapters

Coaxial Cables, Jumpers & Connectors
Coaxial Cable Jumpers Connectors
Foam Corrugated Coaxial Cable Low PIM 1/4''S, 1/2'' Cable Jumpers Low PIM Field Termination Clamp Type Connectors
Semi flexible RG Coaxial Cable Low PIM RG402 Cable Jumpers Low PIM RG402 Cable Connectors
LMR Coaxial Cable LMR Cable Jumpers Low Los LMR Cable Connectors
AISG Coaxial Cable AISG Cable Jumpers

Fiber Optic
Fiber Patch Cord & Pigtails Fiber Optic Adapters & Attenuators Fiber Adapter Strips
Simplex Single Mode Riser, LC/LC patch cord Fiber Optic Adapters, LC-APC, SC-APC, SC-SC 12 fiber, 6 ports
Duplex Single Mode Riser LC/LC patch cord Fiber Optic Attenuators, SC-UPC, SC-APC, 3 dB, 10 dB, 30 dB 24 fibers, 12 ports
Fiber Pigtails

Cost Effective Low PIM Solution for Wireless Infrastructure
Raynool have exclusive product line for Low PIM RF Connector, Adapter, Cable jumper, and bulk cable. for indoor and outdoor

Fiber Optic for Wireless Infrastructure
Partner with OEM factory of the world famous brand, Raynool supply a wide variety of Fiber Optic for Wireless Infrastructure.

Accessories for 
Wireless Infrastructure
One-Stop shop is one of Raynool core value, we can provide better service to our customer by simplifing the purchasing.